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Eriez Size Reduction and Laboratory Equipment

Eriez offers a wide variety of processing, mining and flotation laboratory equipment for sale and for sample trials.



Jaw Crushers

The range of MACSALAB Jaw Crushers is ideal for primary crushing of samples of moderately hard materials, including coal, limestone, ore, minerals and bricks and rubble. Units are sturdily constructed in Cast Iron and utilise reversible hardwearing Manganese Steel jaws.

Rolls Crushers

MACSALAB Rolls Crushers are designed for secondary reduction after jaw crushing. These smooth roll crushers will rapidly reduce coal, ore and hard rock from a maximum feed size of 20mm to fine sand. Ruggedly constructed & easy to operate. Breakage of material is by nipping action with minimal fines generated.



The 200 Cross Beater Lab Mill is used for crushing coal, chemicals, spices, bricks, soil, grain, ores and minerals, concrete and many more materials in the medium hard range. Once the material is fed into the feed chute, it quickly flows into the mill grinding chamber where it is pulverised against the chamber lining by impact with the fast moving hardened hammers.


The MACSA 300 Overhung Hammermill (Disintegrator Mills) have been introduced to satisfy the needs of laboratories, research institutions and industry requiring size reduction on a semi production scale. MACSA 300 Overhung Hammermills have been successfully installed in the coal, minerals and ore, sugar, food, chemicals and fryable grain.

Hammer Mills

MACSA Impact Hammer Mills are specially designed and fabricated for the reduction of medium to hard friable materials. Machines can be designed & manufactured with different combinations of hammers, screens, motors & housings to suit your specific application and requirements.


Barrel Mills

Known as a Barrel Mill, a Swing-Mill, a Ring Mill or a Stone & Disc Mill, this highly efficient grinding machine comprises a steel vessel containing a solid steel bar (stone) and one or two steel rings which oscillate with a rotary motion to grind materials from approximately 10mm lumps down to powders finer than 50 microns.

Rod & Ball Mills

The Ball/Rod mills are meant for producing fine particle size reduction through attrition and compressive forces at the grain size level. They are the most effective laboratory mills for batch-wise, rapid grinding of medium-hard to very hard samples down to finest particle sizes.

Screening, Disentegrating and Lump Breaking

Sieve Shakers

The MACSALAB ES - 200 220 Volt Electrical Sieve shaker is recommended for general laboratory use and for the fine sieving of micron size particles.



Blending and Mixing

Finger Crushers

MACSA Finger Crushers are of the double rotor type designed for breaking lumps of moderately hard materials, especially those tending to agglomerate in storage. Stainless Steel models are also available for food handling. Units can be supplied with hardened wear parts when crushing harder, abrasive materials.

Tumble Mixers

The MACSALAB Tumble Mixer is a low cost bench top unit for mixing or blending powders or granular materials in two plastic containers.


Splitting, Sampling and Dividing

Drum Mixers

The MACSALAB Drum Mixer has been developed to meet increasing demand for a low cost batch mixer for homogenising, dyeing, etc., particularly in smaller industries or for frequent product changes as required.


Cascade Splitters

MACSALAB Cascade Splitters are widely used in mining laboratories and refineries for free flowing material.


Jones Rifflers

The MACSALAB ranges of low cost manual Rifflers (Jones Type) are easy to operate and designed for use in general laboratory work for bulk material.

Cone Blenders

MACSALAB Cone Blenders are designed for gentle mixing of dry, powdered and granular materials, specifically where cones are loaded and discharged after mixing at various locations within the manufacturing plant.


MACSALAB Vee Blenders have been designed with the laboratory environment in mind. The V-shaped mixing chamber is of grade 304 Stainless Steel. Supports and stand is of Mild Steel.

Filtering and Dewatering

Tube Dividers

MACSALAB Rotary Tube Dividers or Splitters consist of a Stainless Steel feed hopper, vibrating feeder with variable speed control & enclosed tray, feeder tube and top and bottom housing.


Filter Presses

MACSALAB Filter Presses are extensively used in mining and metallurgical laboratories for dewatering slurries, separating solids from liquids, etc.



Marcy Scale

Marcy Scales are used to obtain the weight of sample in grams or kilograms, specific gravity of liquid or pulp, percentage solids contained in the pulp of any given specific gravity and specific gravity of dry solids.

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